About Us

We are a couple living in British Columbia with our dogs Utah and Whistler . We love to advocate for the benefits of feeding a fresh diet and living an active life with our dogs.

We initially started making our own treats to tailor to our extreme picky eater, Utah. Our goal is to make sure all picky eaters can enjoy the treats sold at Doggo Hearts. We hope that dogs with food sensitivities never feel left out by shopping at our store.


After sampling Doggohearts treats, it’s clear to see our dog absolutely loves them. When she looks at us with her puppy eyes, licking her lips, begging for more, it pretty much says it all. As a first time dog mom, I am particularly grateful to find a local shop that supports organic and sustainable practices while also providing delicious and nutritious pet food that our pup enjoys. Her favourite so far? Yummy salmon



Doggohearts is a great healthy & organic option for our pups! When we found out how terrible rawhide is for dogs we knew we needed to find better quality treats for our dogs. Bella loves the salmon skins. Our second pup Canela is extremely picky and not motivated by food so we were pleasantly surprised when she ate the chicken hearts. Now she twirls when she sees the treat bag! We are happy to have found this local brand our pups enjoy.



We had our first experience trying Doggoheart's beef liver, and Jin is OBSESSED. Usually beef liver is tricky for him and can give him an upset belly, but he was able to eat these no problem. He loved them, and we can't wait to try other goodies from Doggohearts 🥰



We received chicken feet, chicken neck and salmon skin through a giveaway! It was the first time feeding our puppy such treats so we were a bit nervous but rest assured, he loved it and kept asking for more! It has actually opened my eyes to treats like this that are closer to dog's primitive diet! It’s great to have found a local shop that I can purchase from for reasonably priced & yummy treats. Plus, the ingredients are sourced from local organic famers! It was also reassuring to see that Doggo Hearts Toronto experimented for over a year to make sure their treats are healthy & cause no danger (such as bones shattering into dangerous pieces). Thanks again for the generous giveaway. Will definitely purchase in the future!



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