Chicken Feet

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Chicken Feet: perfect as a mid-day snack or a satisfying chew for smaller dogs. 

It is important for our canines to chew everyday and our pet parents forget that chewing is their natural instinct. Unless your dog is a recreational chewer (likes to chew on anything, everything), you should encourage your dog to chew on a snack like this everyday. 


  • Small: 5 Chicken Feet
  • Large: 15 Chicken Feet

Feeding Guideline: Recommended for dogs over 15 lbs. Can be fed to dogs less than 15 lbs but don't provide the whole chew at once (provide half a foot a day) Rehydrate in cold water for more than 5 minutes to make the chew more interesting.

WARNINGConsuming bones are risky if consumed in whole or in big pieces and can cause serious digestive complications. Active supervision is strongly recommended. Learn about your dog's chewing style before deciding to provide this chew. It is ultimately the parent's responsibility to monitor and know his/her dog's chewing habits before providing the chew. 

Storage Instruction:

  • good for 1 month at room temperature
  • good for 6 months in the freezer

Sourced in Ontario, Canada