Whole Prey Quail

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Large whole quail with feathers and organs intact. Our quails are locally sourced from Ontario. They are humanely killed by euthanizing with CO

All quails are individually hand washed. All feathers and feet are thoroughly brushed with castile soap (Dr. Bronner) to remove any trapped feces. The quails are soaked in acetic acid (white vinegar) and then rinsed in running water. The intestines are gutted but the rest of the organs are intact. 

Fresh weight of each quail is approximately 200-220g. 

Size: 1 quail

Recommended Feeding Guide

Dog Weight Quail
10 lbs 1/2 + no other meal
20 lbs 1 + no other meal
30 lbs 1 + a light treat
50 lbs  1 + 1/2 regular meal
70 lbs 1 + 2/3 regular meal


WARNINGConsuming bones are risky if consumed in whole or in big pieces and can cause serious digestive complications. Active supervision is strongly recommended. Learn about your dog's chewing style before deciding to provide this chew. It is ultimately the parent's responsibility to monitor and know his/her dog's chewing habits before providing the chew. 

Storage Instruction:

  • freeze upon receiving your order for indefinite storage life