Backcountry Medallions

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"Backcountry" medallions are perfect grab-and-go meals for your dogs! Take it to trails, camping and road trips!

A great alternative for dogs who can’t/refuse to eat raw meat or for dogs who would like to maintain a raw diet while on the road. Rehydrate in water or bone broth for 1 minute for the maximum benefit.

Ingredients (chicken): organic chicken breast (60%) chicken heart, chicken gizzard, chicken liver, pork kidney, ground chicken bone, spinach, carrot, hemp seed, kelp

Recommended Feeding Guide

Dog Weight Medallions/day
10 lbs 12
15 lbs 18
30 lbs 40
50 lbs  66


  • Small bag - Qty: 15 medallions 
  • Large bag - Qty: 30 medallions


Storage Instruction:

  • good for 1 month at room temperature
  • good for 6 months in the freezer