Diactomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous earth (DE) is milled from fossilized hard-shelled aquatic organisms called diatoms. Food grade DE is a safe and natural way to eliminate parasites and intestinal worms such as nematodes, roundworms, pinworms and hookworms. Recommended for all ages and and all breeds of dogs and cats.

Feeding Instructions: 

  • Add to your pet's diet for a minimum of 30 consecutive days while gradually incrementing to recommended portions.
  • Mix with liquid (water, bone broth or coconut oil) and serve immediately. DE will absorb whatever it comes in contact with so it's best to mix it with water.
  • If fed in higher dosage, your dog can experience constipation. Try lowering the dosage if your dog is experiencing constipation. 

Storage Instructions: Store in a dry environment for indefinite shelf life and preservation of effectiveness.

(WARNING) Direct inhalation of powder form can cause respiratory irritation. Ensure to mix with liquid or other foods prior to serving.