Freeze-Dried Whole Rabbit

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Freeze Dried Raw Whole 1/2 Rabbit

About the rabbits: 

These rabbits are grown from a small, family owned farm just outside of Orangeville, ON. They practice ethical and sustainable farming for all their crops and animals. The rabbits are raised in a clean environment without antibiotics and vaccines.

What's included:

  • 1/2 head
  • 1/2 spine
  • Front and back leg (1 each)
  • 1/2 Rib
  • Organs (may vary depending on the batch)
  • Furry feet, ear or tail (may vary depending on the batch)
  • Furry pelt

Fresh weight of the whole rabbit is about 2.7 kg (16 lbs)

Feeding Guideline: Recommended for dogs over 50 lbs. Can be fed to dogs less than 50 lbs but please be mindful of the size of the treats. Overconsumption of bones may lead to constipation and an imbalance of Ca:P ratio. Please evaluate your dog's meals and adjust them if required. You can always break them apart to smaller pieces if you want to try these treats with a smaller dog.

Special Notes:

  • We can cut the bigger pieces into smaller pieces upon request. Please leave your dog’s weight in the order notes.
  • We can also remove the bone from the back leg upon request. 

WARNINGConsuming bones are risky if consumed in whole or in big pieces and can cause serious digestive complications. Active supervision is strongly recommended. Learn about your dog's chewing style before deciding to provide this chew. It is ultimately the parent's responsibility to monitor and know his/her dog's chewing habits before providing the chew. 

Picky eater scale: 3/3 (check the FAQ for the full picky eater scale), 2/3 for furry items