Rabbit Hide Roll

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Freeze-dried Rabbit hide rolls recommended for moderate/light chewers. 


  • Small (approximately 6’’)
  • Medium (approximately 9’’)
  • Large (approximately 12")

Size/thickness may vary depending on the rabbit pelt and the amount of fur

All pelts are individually hand washed with castile soap (Dr. Bronner) to remove any trapped feces. The pelts are soaked in acetic acid (white vinegar) and then rinsed in running water. 

About the rabbits: 

These rabbits are grown from a small, family owned farm just outside of Orangeville, ON. They practice ethical and sustainable farming for all their crops and animals. The rabbits are raised in a clean environment without antibiotics and vaccines.

Storage Instruction:

Good at room temperature for 1 week if kept in an air tight container. Freeze for indefinite storage life. Freeze once chewed.