All about Hearts

All about Hearts

Heart is a muscular 💪 organ, packed with amino acids and nutrients. It is important to note that specific nutrients vary from one species to another.

🐖 Pork heart contains the highest amount of Thiamine (B1), more than double the amount available in beef. Pork heart is lower in fat percentage compared to chicken hearts. Dogs deficient in thiamine may show lack of appetite, weight loss and GI upset.

🐓 Chicken hearts are overall lower in B vitamins compared to pork or beef but they are a great source of folate (B9). Folate helps generate red blood cells and promote healthy cell growth, making it beneficial for growing puppies and dogs with anemia.

🐄 Beef heart has the lowest fat content overall but has a lower amount of B vitamins compared to pork.

🦆 Duck hearts are slightly bigger than chicken hearts and darker in colour. If your dog is allergic to chicken or beef, we highly recommend trying the duck hearts!
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