About Us

Our dog, Utah, is unlike any other dogs when it comes to food and treats. Ever since she was a puppy, she refused to eat almost every treat and kibble sold at the big name pet stores. It was extremely difficult to train her because she wasn't food driven (nor toy driven).

We had a difficult time finding healthy treats (mystery ingredients/preservative free) that Utah actually liked. When we found the treats she liked, they usually caused a lot of digestive issues when fed generously for training. 

That's when we bought a dehydrator and started experimenting with different meat sourced from our local butcher. Ever since then, our dog has never turned her head away from the treats we offered her. We started sharing these treats to our close friends and co-workers. Their dogs were hooked on our treats and asked for more. After 1 year of running a small batch/test production, we decided it was time to scale things up and bring our treats to everyone. 

DoggoHearts (previously Doggo Hearts Toronto) launched in November 2020 and our goal is to make sure your canines and felines get the best quality treats and food. It's easy to stop feeding junk to your furry companions. 


Our Philosophy

We believe in sourcing ingredients locally, supporting small local farmers and allowing all dogs and cats to eat as closely as they can to their primitive diet. We only make 100% meat and seafood-based treats. We believe that dogs and cats should be provided with chews few times a week to live with healthy teeth and gum. We don't believe in feeding unnecessary starch/wheat/rice to our dogs and cats.

We want to ensure that dogs with allergies can find alternatives through our treats. We want to ensure that picky dogs get all the nutrients they need.

We consider food safety as number one priority. We source all our ingredients from Canada with the exception of some European fish (Sardine & Anchovy) and Blue Mussel (from Chile). Some products are sourced directly from a group of small farmers that practice ethical farming. Some products are sourced from restaurant grade seafood or meat wholesalers.