Different Shades of Treats

Freeze-Dried Duck Hearts 

Our FD Duck Hearts is our #1 best selling treat. It's the most popular treat amongst picky eaters and the most recommended treat for anyone who is new to trying freeze-dried treats. It's a versatile treat that can be cut into tiny pieces for training, used as a topper for meal time or used as a pill pocket. 

The most common question we get for the FD Duck Hearts is the colour of the Duck Hearts. 

Different Shades of FD Duck Hearts 

The Duck Hearts, like any other animal parts, have the tendency to vary from duck to duck. Some will be more red (more myoglobin trapped), some more pale, some bigger, some smaller, some leaner and some fattier. The ducks, like any other animals, are not produced and standardized to be a uniform "product." Variability is normal nature! For us, the point isn't to produce treats that are exactly uniform from protein to protein. Rather, we want to focus on creating single ingredient treats that haven't been altered from their original form. We want all dog (cat) owners to see the original shape and know what's being fed to our dogs (cats) without questioning how much fat and unwanted fillers are hidden in the treats.

The darker FD Duck Hearts are usually the result of freeze-drying while frozen. The pale FD Duck Hearts are usually the result of freeze-drying after receiving the products fresh from the farm. 

 *The same applies to FD Duck Gizzards, FD Duck Neck (photos below)

Different Shades of FD Duck Gizzards 




Freeze-Dried Mackerel 

FD Mackerel slices will very in size depending on which part of the mackerel was bagged in an individual treat bag (middle of the body - largest, bottom of the body - smallest). FD Mackerel can vary in colour depending on the rate of oxidation. Keep the treat bag well enclosed and store away from direct sunlight. If you have a large bag and if you don't plan to finish the bag in a month, we recommend storing them in the freezer to slow down the rate of oxidation. All fish products are currently in the plans to be tested for rancidity and will be provided with the recommended best before dates soon.


Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe 

FD Beef Tripe will vary in colour and pattern depending on which part of the tripe was bagged in an individual treat bag (Blanket, Honeycomb, Omasum and/or Abomasum). Some parts of the tripe may come with undigested hay. Keep the treat bag well enclosed and store away from direct sunlight.