Kibble Boosters

Kibble Boosters

Did you know that 1 in 2 dogs will develop cancer at some point in their life? This is due to the lifetime buildup of excessive carbohydrates, toxins, synthetics, preservatives, rancid oils, extrusion found in the modern day diet (YES! I’m talking about kibbles). 

Adding real fresh food to your dog’s bowl can significantly lower the likeliness to develop cancer. It’s not too late to start feeding real food! 

Easy ways to enhance your dog’s kibble: 
  • egg (include shell if farm fresh or free range)
  • meat (share some meat before cooking your lean cut of meat)
  • steamed or fresh veggies (share some spinach, broccoli, carrots before adding it to your salad)
  • coconut oil (might not be a staple in every household but it’s good for you as well!)
  • yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, raw goat milk (for healthy gut)
  • fish (add fresh salmon, anchovies, herring, whitefish)
  • blueberry (share some fruits before adding it to your smoothie or fruit bowl)
  • dehydrated or freeze-dried dog treats (organ meat, muscle meat, bones)
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