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Doggo Hearts Toronto

Freeze-Dried Trail Mix

Freeze-Dried Trail Mix

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Freeze-Dried Trail Mix in 1L Oxo Container

We were inspired by our customer's treat trail mix and decided to offer a treat jar that contains the bite sized treats only. (150g - equivalent to 3 small bags)

Ingredients will change every restock. 

April's Mix:

  • Beef Bites: Eye of Round, Inside Round, Outside Round
  • Pork Bites: Loin, Tenderloin
  • Duck Bites: Breast

Fresh weight of each square is 2 g. The treats are made up of muscle meat and can be fed generously. 

 Picky eater scale: 3/3 (see FAQ for more details)

Refill options are available for people who have purchased the Trail Mix in the past or have purchased the 1L OXO. DM or email us for more information!

If you want to make your own trail mix, Oxo Containers can be found below:

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