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Freeze-Dried Mackerel

Freeze-Dried Mackerel

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 Freeze-Dried Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Mackerel "chips" cut into thin slices 

  • frozen for 1 week at -20C before freeze-drying
  • rich in vitamin D and high in EPA and DHA
  • suitable for dogs and cats
  • comes with skin on and with organs
  • each bag may contain a head or a tail
  • fresh weight of each mackerel slice is approximately 30-40g
  • great for meal additions
  • great for picky eaters
  • picky eater scale: 2/3 (check the FAQ for the full picky eater scale) 
  • Small: 60g (Net Weight)
  • Large: 165g (Net Weight)

Raw ingredient sourced from Norway

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