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RuffLand - "Divide & Conquer" Kennel Divider

RuffLand - "Divide & Conquer" Kennel Divider

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RuffLand - "Divide & Conquer" Kennel Divider

Meet the Ruff Land Kennel Divider, a fully assembled, easily adjustable solution that grows with your puppy. Now available in three tailored sizes: Intermediate, Large, and X-Large, each fitting perfectly into the corresponding Gen II Ruff Land Kennels. Just like the kennels, this ingenious, rotomolded divider is designed with four spring-loaded, retractable pegs that easily snap into the vent holes of the kennel, allowing you to modify the size of your puppy’s space as they grow.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the ease of use – our divider comes fully assembled and requires no tools for installation or removal. In addition to this, it’s also vented to keep your puppy cool and includes a built-in finger holes for effortless handling. The Ruff Land Kennel Divider can also transform a larger kennel into two separate spaces for smaller dogs.

Note: These dividers will not work on Intermediate or Large kennels with a side door (without drilling holes for the pins). They will work on XL kennels with a side door. (not compatible with Gen I kennels)

Size: Intermediate, Large, X-Large

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