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RuffLand - Double Door Insulated Kennel Cover

RuffLand - Double Door Insulated Kennel Cover

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Order placed before July 15, 2024 - estimated to be available for pick-up by mid September. Please send us an email to discuss the next batch order date.


RuffLand - Double Door Insulated Kennel Cover

Made for RuffLand by Mud River, this heavy-duty poly kennel cover is built tough and loaded with features. And it works with any RuffLand door configuration! Can also be used with our tie-down kits. Available for all Intermediate, all Large and XL (DD and right side entry only) styles. Be advised the covers are designed to fit snug, the intermediates can pose an extra challenge getting on and are currently undergoing a slight modification to make it a bit roomier.

Size: XL Left-side entry, XL Right-side entry, Large, Intermediate

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