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RuffLand - Large Kennel

RuffLand - Large Kennel

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Order placed before March 31, 2024 - estimated to be available for pick-up by mid June. Please send us an email to discuss the next batch order date.


Made in the USA! This large dog kennel is perfect for your larger breed of dogs or for more space when kenneling at home. It can be stacked or coupled for transport in a boarding or vet clinic setting. Vent hole patterns differ among styles, please see photos displayed for the standard (1 3/8" hole size), with two finger holes in the back. (Please note that the double door versions will add 1 1/2" to the dimension.)

Length: 35"
Width: 22" at widest point
Height: 26 3/4"

Length: 34"
Width: 21 5/8" at widest point
Height: 25"

Length: 33"
Width: 17 1/2"

Weight: Approx. 30 pounds

Descriptions directly quoted from for most accurate description from manufacturer. 

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